Air (Alton Towers) Air (Alton Towers) RM94's Hyperfixations
What is it?

Air, previously known as Secret Weapon 5, is regarded as the world's first flying roller coaster located within Alton Towers in the UK. The branding started at launch in 2002 and went defunct in 2016, as it was renamed to the VR-encompassing Galactica.

When did you develop an interest to it and how?

I first heard of Air around the spring of 2023, when one of my online friends, Wodienfor, mentioned it as one of the commercials he remembered watching. I looked it up on Youtube and I immediately got stuck to its cloudy, ethereal and sci-fi branding.

Why does this interest me in general?

Air feels like a ride that I would constantly enjoy time and time again, the overall theming of the ride alongside the many different soothing attributes that it also holds just feels so calming and a total polar-opposite towards most other rides that feels the need to add emphasis over the adreneline, records-broken and speed. The branding and typography, whilst unique, is also something I enjoy about the ride. The cloudy atmosphere and the "Assume the Position" tagline just felt like the ride was unlike any other. Really hope the theming returns in one way.

Why does this interest me in general? TV Advert History of Air (SW5) SW5Live (Air Archive)