Hits Radio Hits Radio RM94's Hyperfixations
What is it?

Hits Radio, formerly Key 103 or The Hits, is a manchester-based radio station that was launched in 1974 and was relaunched in 2018. Their musical output consitst of "The Biggest Hits & The Biggest Throwbacks" which incluides hit music and popular 90's/00's music.

When did you develop an interest to it and how?

I discovered the station in the summer of 2020 whilst brainstorming new ideas for rebrands. As so, the network just so happened to absorb my local station, 96.4 The Wave, and caught my interest. The tight and high-energy imaging only further developed my interest in it.

Why does this interest me in general?

The weird history of it's station and the overall complexities of the network in general is something that has been on my mind for a really long time. The differences in names, the merger of stations and the oddity that was the Bauer City Network is really interesting to look back on. Despite its many faults, Hits Radio is still my go-to station whenever I'm bored. The imaging rocks, the music is great, the presenters are brilliant and it sets out to deliver on what made their Manchester counterpart so amazing. Just rebrand the Manchester variant back to Key 103 and it'll be a 10/10 in my books.

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